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Dianne Della Ratta
Personal Fitness Professional/Health Coach
           ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Health Coach
           NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist 
                       Hofstra University Personal Training Certification    
                         East Coast Instructor Training School (ECITS)
                            Power Pilates Mat Certification
  Functional Aging Specialist
As a Personal Fitness trainer and enthusiast, I have seen first hand the positive effect that exercise has on the mind and body. I believe that exercise is an integral part of everyday life. People are living longer and want to stay healthy. Regular exercise is preventive against numerous diseases and bone loss.
I selected this field because I enjoy working with people, and helping them reach their fitness goals. I have seen the positive impact that exercise has on my clients such as weight loss, increased lean body mass, more energy, greater flexibility,and overall positive attitude. The exercise industry is constantly evolving. There are always new techniques or exercises that can add "spice" to a fitness workout. I stay abreast of current periodicals in the fitness industry and attend pertinent workshops so that I can share my knowledge with my clients,and incorporate what I learned into their workouts.
I believe the components of a well balanced training program should include:
> Cardio training
>Weight bearing exercises such as machine, cables, and free weights
>Functional training to assist with everyday activities
> Balance training to help improve coordination and stability
>Pilate to strengthen the core muscles (abdominals and lower back)
>Yoga to improve flexibility
> Nutrition 
There are so many exercises to choose from that will help strengthen and challenge your body. Don't be afraid to endeavor into something new.
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